Friday, March 23, 2012


Well she is home.  So much has happened in the short three weeks since she got here.   She did great!  What a stud.  Her health was perfect, her travels were easy and she was full of stories all the way home.  What an amazing opportunity she had, to go and spend 6 weeks in China...and when I asked her the best part?  She said it was hanging out with Henry.  She told story after story of what he said and how they played.  Don't you love it how God can accomplish so many things at once?  Simply Delightful.

We are through the thick of the paperwork but now in the waiting phases where said paperwork gets shuffled from one government agency to the next.  I dropped it off at the Chinese Consulate in Los Angeles, where it was for a week, then put all my blood sweat and tears in an envelope and sent it to Colorado to be reviewed, as we wait for a separate verification from US Immigration, then it will all go to China, only to come back to return to US Immigration,  only to return then to China.....sigh.  At this point it looks like we will be traveling in late July or August...pray for the Lord's perfect timing because I just don't know if He has seen our summer schedule!  hahaha

I couldn't sleep last night.  I woke up and just laid there, thinking.  I am not stressed, just excited.  I started thinking about how I wish I could write Henry a letter.   He wouldn't understand it of course, in language or in content but I wanted to write it anyway. 

Dear Henry,
I can not wait for you to come home for so many reasons.  (blah)

Dear Henry,
Waiting stinks.  I know you know that. (Sigh)

Dear Henry,
I don't know how I can love you so much already.....(hmmmm)

I miss you.
Sometimes I sit and imagine how it will be when you are finally here.
I can not wait to see the look of pride in your dad's eyes when you do something new.
I can not wait to see the wonder on your face when you see the ocean.
I can not wait to watch as you recognize your friend Yibian (Viv) for the first time.
I can not wait to see the delight when you realize you have your very own guitar and keyboard.
I can not wait to listen to you sing to our Lord.
I can not wait for you to meet your big brother.
I can not wait to watch as you help your dad work in the garage.
I can not wait to laugh as you play.
I can not wait to hug you and kiss your sweet cheeks.
I can not wait to get endless hugs from you.
I can not wait to read you a story at night.
To watch you sleep.
To say Good Morning.
I can not wait.

Surely goodness and loving kindness will follow me all the days of my life.
                                                                                                                  Psalm 23:6