Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Amazing God

Ok...I am SO excited!  If you have been following, you know I have met so many wonderful people along this journey.  I have found it SO difficult to fund raise and ask people for donations...Its completely humbling but if I put aside my pride for only a second I am encouraged, thrilled, completely amazed at the generosity of God's people.  

Last Sunday our study was about how during Jesus' ministry he washed the feet of His disciples and even though they were reluctant, it was necessary.  But also, in the last days Jesus will be again washing our feet! (Luke 12:37)  And we have to be humble enough to accept that.  Well, as I sat there listening the Lord spoke to my heart, "That is what is happening right now," He said, "I am using my people to wash your feet.   Accept it humbly."

I'll tell you what, it doesn't make it any more comfortable, accepting money from people, but if I look at it from the perspective that I am accepting it from my Lord...it makes it easier.

So, check this out!  Stacy from Jubilee's Jewels made this necklace especially for us!  The verse on it is the verse that God gave me a couple of weeks ago, when I was fretting...are you ready?

Giving them a garland instead of ashes, The oil of gladness instead of mourning, The mantle of praise instead of a spirit of fainting. So they will be called oaks of righteousness, The planting of the LORD, that He may be glorified. Isaiah 61:3

That is what we ultimately want for these sweet kids right?  That is what HE ultimately wants for all of His kids, that they be redeemed from darkness and despair and that they will be like the oaks of righteousness, His planting, and that we might all glorify Him! 

So this is the necklace...click on this link to order,  http://jubileesjewels.com/Isaiah-61-3-necklace then $14 of every necklace will go towards Henry's adoption.  We only have about three weeks left if all goes as planned so get yours now!  And look around at her other jewelry....its pretty amazing:)

Just had to add a little Henry love...Got this unexpectedly tonight..I might have to start fundraising for my grocery money...jk....hahahahhahaha!


Sunday, August 12, 2012

A Toast

James and Karla got married.  After a whirlwind summer living knee deep in burlap...its over, just like that.  

I met Karla about 6 years ago when Charles and I started ministering in the high school group.  She had just moved to the Mora's house and was tender and vulnerable.  I immediately adored her for so many reasons but mostly because she was genuine....when Karla is sad you know she's sad, and when she's happy everyone around her is affected.  In fact, she is a person that you can not be around and be unaffected.  
2007 High School Retreat when Karla was a high schooler
2009 England Team
I got to know James well in 2009 during our Missions trip to England.  He was impressive and bold for the Lord yet so super funny and also seemed to have a positive effect on everyone in the group.  When I realized the two of them were getting close there in England, one night I took Karla out to the High Street sitting area to have a talk.  I told her to knock it off:) and that when she remembered England I wanted her to remember falling in love with the Lord, not with James.  Although the "special moments" and silly flirting stopped the "falling" continued, they were both gonners.
Me, Karla and Melissa in England

2012 High School Retreat
Since England they have stood beside us in the high school group bringing their infectious personalities and adding the energy that Charles and I just don't have anymore.  James is a gifted teacher and his commitment is so much appreciated as Charles has to travel for work and knows he can always count on James to cover him.  They love the kids deeply and go out of their way to connect with them.  The bottom line is that the high schoolers love them and trust them and on Friday night it was evident in their willingness to work so hard making the day special.

Team Henry 1/2 Marathon - Feb 2012
I will miss Karla.  I will miss the late night chatting, the endless juicing and smoothies.  I am thrilled to have spent the last year watching her mature and grow.  God is so good.  When He took Karla's mom at 16, He didn't leave her without.  He gave her Jessica, who at such a young age herself rolled up her sleeves and tackled raising Karla with strength and courage.  He gave her Sheila, who is consistent and godly with so much wisdom for the years to come, and He gave her me. During this last year I was thrilled to help her, talk to her, give her opportunities to remember and heal....so that she could leave what was and cleave to her husband.  I like to think I mothered her, however much the Lord used me over the past 6 years, I was blessed and honored for every second of it.

Congratulations James and Karla, I can't wait to see what the Lord does with two of the most impressive young people I've ever met.

We love you.