Tuesday, February 21, 2012


So I am super excited!  A few months ago I participated in a boutique to support a family that is adopting from China.  I took my quilts and sat all day long but didn't sell one.  At the end of the day I was super blessed to meet the hosting family, but convinced that God just wanted me to hang out all day with Charles, which was really nice.

A couple of months later I got an email from a gal named Kara who owns a business making hats for kids.  Her first hat is a beanie and she donates a portion of the profits to an organization called Surfers Healing, which helps kids with autism.  She recently added a new hat to her line and was looking for "something to do with China" to donate a percentage of her profits to and Sara from the boutique gave her my name.  Just Like God.  We are so quick to write things and experiences off never considering that there is a plan in place...a will in motion.

So please check out this company and consider buying hats for all the sweet blessings in your lives.  The fedora is the one Henry is getting a percentage of but really the other hat she sells is so cute as well.  I can't wait to get a photo of him wearing one....I can't wait....I can't wait. Go to the secret sale link for special pricing.


Here is the blog that tells about Henry:) and its super fun to read..make sure you scroll down, all the fedoras are on it.


Saturday, February 11, 2012

Prayers and Miracles

We throw the words around..."I'll pray for you", and sometimes, hopefully a lot of the time, we actually do pray for those people.  But there are those times...those times when someone's mother has stage 4 cancer, those times when that same person needs to come up with $25, 000 to adopt, there are those times when our prayers are sincere but doubtful at best.  Oh, we are sure that the Lord has a plan and that His plan is good but we are also sure that a complete answer could not be anything short of a miracle and truth be told we don't witness many miracles these days.  

Well, my mom's test results came back completely clear...no signs of cancer.  She was told by two different doctors that she is in complete remission...the same doctors who told her that if the chemo didn't work she would have 3 to 6 months to live.  How does that happen?  Even the doctors are marveling at the "apparent" miracle.  And truth be told, SO AM I!

But seriously almost as miraculous is the amount of money the Lord has provided for the adoption of our sweet Henry.  Honestly, we struggled about committing to something so important without any idea of where the money would come from.  It just seemed so irresponsible.  As we talked to different families all we heard was, "The Lord provides for the orphans, step out in faith if you feel the call".  And so we did. I want to just tell you that we did not have a back up plan...we were completely dependent on the Lord and as of today He has provided close to $20,000!  How does that happen?  

The bottom line is both situations are the same in a few very important ways.  First, they leave us helpless, at the end of our ever controlling selves.  Second, they make others aware of our needs, which is oh so humbling.  Third, the miracle brings glory to God, which is thrilling to be a part of, and fourth they build our faith.  How many are going through something so horrible that they just want to hide?  How many are feeling the call but don't see the "way"?  Our God is faithful.  He won't give us more than we can handle and He is just waiting for us to step out so that He can blow our minds with his riches!

This week talking to my mom she said she was amazed that she was God's miracle.  She said she felt like she should be glowing or have wings:)  I think she does glow, and I'm sure her wings are waiting for her...but for now, we are assured that she will be here this summer to meet her new grandson.  CAN YOU SAY "GLORY"? Look to your neighbor and say GLORY!

Thanks for all of your prayers:)

I will sing of the lovingkindness of the LORD forever; To all generations I will make known Your faithfulness with my mouth.   Psalm 89:1

Monday, February 6, 2012

13.1 Miles Later

Well, its OVER!!  We all met in the morning yesterday and our super support team drove us down and dropped us off at the starting line.  There were 16 racers in all on Team Henry and every one of us had a great race...some ran to win, some ran to finish before 2 1/2 hours and some ran to finish before 3 hours.  We all accomplished our racing goals and we all finished strong.  I couldn't be prouder of our team.  It was such a blessing to have 16 people run in honor of Henry.  He is such a loved boy already.  There was a lady who I must have seen 15 times throughout the race because she was at a similar pace as me, she had a t-shirt on that said, I can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens me, and boy is that the truth!
Josh Patopoff won the race by a mile, literally:) but Josh Beames came in an amazingly quick 2nd after very little training.  (Oh, to be 18 again:)   Great Job guys.

This is our pre-race Team photo.  What a great group of wonderful people!

Molly and me post race...I was much happier than I look:)

 Post-race, but missing a few racers.  We were ready for our showers and snacks.

Charles and I with our best friends Meg and John Schneider. 

All in all it was a great day and a FANTASTIC fundraiser.  Our team raised over $2000 and we still have donations coming in!
Daniel Miller won the iPod Touch on his vote for Josh Beames.  
His response: 
Awesome! ...unless it's a different Daniel Miller -- then congrats to that guy! Thanks Hills - love you guys. And thanks Josh Patapoff and the rest of Team Henry for making this dream come true. I'd also like to thank my producers and teamm...ates. And Tim Tebow. And most importantly (pointing upward) Jesus Christ -- for keeping everyone who ran today safe and healthy and for giving the Hills the chance to bring Henry home.

Today we are 13.1 miles closer to you Henry...can't wait to get you home:)

Friday, February 3, 2012

Week 2: Vivienne's Birthday

Week two is over and I have such mixed emotions about Vivienne being away.  First I am completely overcome with missing her.  I love being her mom, I love hanging out with her and laughing, I love pestering her with questions and marveling at how her mind works.  BUT, I am so completely thrilled to have her there, in China.  She is once again amazing me with her ability to adapt and thrive.  She is being used by the Lord in so many ways all the while minding her health and her homework!  I know I gush about this girl but seriously....where did she come from?  God is truly good.  
Photos?  YES!
Got this one texted to my phone...What a treat!
The sweet girls at Shepherds Field took Viv out for Thai food.  Isn't this photo gorgeous?
I love the colors.

 So today, in China (Feb 4.) it is Vivienne's 17th birthday.  I thought I would include this super cute photo of her when she was little.  She is with her best friend Chloe (the dog) and Eleanor who was visiting from Canada (waving).  Just as sweet, just as cute!

And this is Vivienne and her best friend forever, and cousin, Hannah, whose birthday is today in America...(Feb 3)  They have spent every birthday together and I can not think of two people who love eachother more then these two.  Sweet and sweeter, sweeter and sweet! 

 Happy Birthday to you both, I love you more then words can say.