Friday, February 3, 2012

Week 2: Vivienne's Birthday

Week two is over and I have such mixed emotions about Vivienne being away.  First I am completely overcome with missing her.  I love being her mom, I love hanging out with her and laughing, I love pestering her with questions and marveling at how her mind works.  BUT, I am so completely thrilled to have her there, in China.  She is once again amazing me with her ability to adapt and thrive.  She is being used by the Lord in so many ways all the while minding her health and her homework!  I know I gush about this girl but seriously....where did she come from?  God is truly good.  
Photos?  YES!
Got this one texted to my phone...What a treat!
The sweet girls at Shepherds Field took Viv out for Thai food.  Isn't this photo gorgeous?
I love the colors.

 So today, in China (Feb 4.) it is Vivienne's 17th birthday.  I thought I would include this super cute photo of her when she was little.  She is with her best friend Chloe (the dog) and Eleanor who was visiting from Canada (waving).  Just as sweet, just as cute!

And this is Vivienne and her best friend forever, and cousin, Hannah, whose birthday is today in America...(Feb 3)  They have spent every birthday together and I can not think of two people who love eachother more then these two.  Sweet and sweeter, sweeter and sweet! 

 Happy Birthday to you both, I love you more then words can say.


  1. Happy birthday to your precious girl way across the ocean!!! And it is ok if you gush!!! I gush about mine all the time too! What a blessing to have such a beautiful daughter and SO thankful she is loving on your son!!! I love you today and thinking of you and Viv!!! XOXO

  2. Oh my gosh, that photo is so adorable of Vivian! Gotta love the Dr. Seuss tee with the fish driving too!