Friday, December 23, 2011


 This week has been amazing.  It started with my mom's Christmas party and it was all downhill from there, but downhill in a good way.  Like when you are running up hill for so long, months, and then finally a good unexpected downhill comes....ahhhh relaxation, ease, all you have to worry about is not tripping:)  So I finally got to go watch my Vivienne ride.  She has been volunteering at a stable in Back Bay where a trainer gives lessons to children with special needs...mostly autism from the sounds of it.  She helps with lessons and she cares for horses....her heaven.  Part of caring for the horses is riding them to keep them well trained and because Vivienne is fearless she was given the "spirited" horse to give her attention to.   Biscuit is HUGE, and has some bad habits that Vivienne is working on getting under control, but she absolutely loves that horse.   It has always amazed me to see her slight body control any horse but this time it was incredible.  She has the fearless focus and determination of a 200 pound MAN!!  I on the other hand am a nervous wreck!  Where she got her courage with animals I do not know.  So I got a couple of photos, here's to my Viv!

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