Thursday, September 27, 2012

Thursday in China

Today was a good day.  We are getting comfortable in this city and compared to yesterday it was a dream. We walked this morning, went to the park and then went swimming this afternoon. 

Yesterday we went to visit Henry’s founding place and to apply for his passport.  The city was an hour and 40 minute drive, we left a little late, got completely lost trying to find the passport office...Henry was very squirrly in the car, so by we were done with that and with the Public Notary, we decided not to visit the orphanage.  We were all exhausted and Henry was done.  The orphanage that he was originally at closed and turned into a children’s hospital, so we were going to visit a different one in the area anyway but I was still a little disappointed.  Anyway, we got home, ate dinner and went to bed. 

I did realize that Henry must be a little confused with the language difference because he talks to the guide a lot and often asks her what we are saying.  
We seem to be doing fine though, as long as we understand, “hungry” and “swinning” we make it though the day, but he does say much more than that and seems to understand almost everything.
I can’t believe what a trooper he is.  We have been walking a lot, and he doesn’t complain at all.  His biggest flaw is that he gets so excited sometimes and talks incessantly to everyone around him or simply to himself...but he is ALWAYS happy.  Today while we were walking he was singing, “Crazy the Lord, Hallelujah! Crazy, the Lord, Hallelujah!  Crazy the Lord, Hallelujah, Crazy the Lord”.  You might recognize the song as saying “Praise ye the Lord”, and we are gonna have to tell him eventually but it was really cute.  Tonight Charles and I walked to Pizza Hut to get pizza, it was really good...after we started eating Henry said, “STOP!  We forgot to pray!  Thank you Jesus for the pizza, and for my family, and for swinning.  Amen!”  I’m pretty sure this kid is practically perfect in every way:)

So we are taking turns, trading off as each wears out.  I know that once we get home the energy will subside some, he is so overstimulated and I’m sure a little unsure still, but we are laughing constantly and really thrilled to be here.

Please pray for us that we don’t get sick, we have all been doing really great..but Viv’s joints started hurting today.  She is going to start swimming in the afternoons, hopefully that will help but please pray for her.  Also that when we return to Shepherd’s Field on Saturday that Henry does ok.  He is really looking forward to seeing his friends again and we are excited to see Jamie.  Three weeks is a long time to stay anywhere though so please pray that we are patient and that we see opportunities that we might be used for the Lord.

This is the wonderful park next to our hotel where we spend a lot of time:)

Tai Chi

Henry's founding place

Henry getting his passport photo taken

More Park Photos

We are so excited to come home and introduce this guy to all of you.  We are very blessed.   Will update more soon.

Love love,
the hills:)


  1. Love the photos!! I definitely think Henry should sing "Crazy, the Lord, Hallelujah!" for everyone when he gets home!! Hilarious and adorable!! I wonder if he and Maylie are related??? ha ha!
    We will be praying for continued health and especially for Viv. I can't believe one week is already almost done! So glad you are having a great time of bonding and spending time together as a family. LOVE IT!
    Love and prayers,

  2. Praying for you guys and loving all the pics! Praise God you are all together... enjoy every minute of your time in China! :)