Sunday, January 15, 2012

Hill House Update

So much is happening in the Hill House...

First, we finished our Home Study today so we are done with the paperwork part and on to the US and Chinese Immigration phase.  Best case scenario we are looking at bringing Henry home in May...I am praying for that:)

Second, my Sweet Vivienne will be getting on an airplane on Wednesday morning to go to China to intern in the clinic at Shepherd's Field for 6 weeks.  To say that I will miss her is an understatement considering I miss her now when she just goes to work!  Pray for safe travels, a mind set on Jesus and a completely blessed time.

Third, we are running running running...trying to get ourselves in condition to run 13.1 miles on February 5th at the Surf City Marathon.  Charles, Meg and I ran 10 miles today and I have to tell you it was long!  We are all finding that our eating habits directly effect how we feel when we run so that is good:)  We do have a couple of new team members as of today, I will introduce them and then add them to the "Team Henry" page if you would like to vote for them.

First is Josh Patopoff, he is the father of 3 beautiful girls and one rambunctious boy and he still finds time to run!  Most of the time his stats are posted at 11:00pm for his 6 to 8 mile runs so you know this guy is committed.  I'm pretty sure he is going to give James a run for his money, we are thrilled he joined our team.
Josh and his temporary running buddy

Second we have Josh Beames, who is one of our all time favorite high schoolers.  He is a senior at Beckman High School and ran on their cross country team so he is a shoe in.  If you ask him, he will modestly tell you that there is no way he will compete for the win but if my predictions are correct he will likely take the lead early and skate through to the end.

Photo of Josh a couple of years ago

The ipod touch is still up for grabs, for $10 you can vote for the runner you think will have the best time for a chance to win.

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  1. I will certainly be praying for sweet V as she heads to China. SO sweet!!! Blessings and love!!! XO