Thursday, January 26, 2012

Week 1: Lessons and Blessings

Its officially been one week of Vivienne gone.  And I haven't died from not being able to ask a thousand questions at the end of every day yet.  
The Lord is good...all the time.  
He is showing me so many things about myself, about my marriage and about my mothering:)  He is also working in Vivienne's life as well as she has to adjust without a parent to guide and about where to turn in times of loneliness.  
Week one down and I know He has only scratched the surface of the lessons and the blessings.  I seriously can not wait for the end of week six.  Not only to see my sweet Viv again but to look back at this six weeks and marvel at our God.

This is the only photo I've received so far, but aren't they super cute?
She promised me more would be coming soon:)


  1. So sweet to see them together! No doubt she is being blessed and a great blessing to SF as well!

  2. Two of the sweetest kids I know! So happy for Viv and Henry!!! Praying for all of you! XOXO

  3. Lonely? I think you are the only lonely one. Vi has so many of us here to keep her company! Plus, she gets Vincent all day and H sometimes too when she can pry herself away from sweet V. What a blessing, though, that she has this opportunity to meet her brother and spend some time with him before his is home in the States. It has been a good beginning. Praying for you and Charles in this time of missing your children <3

  4. Loneliness isn’t cured by being around people its cure by being around the rite people. Thanks for being there for her Jamie. I hope you guys are having a blast.