Thursday, June 28, 2012

Counting the days...

Day 71....that's a lot of days.  Who counts days? One side of my brain can't keep up with the days and looses track of what month it is and the other quickly kicks in and reminds myself that it is the END of 69, 70, 71.  Each day begins with a slight hope and excitement, some begin with a sweet photo on facebook and then at around 12:00 pm it is just another day...69, 70, 71.  

Recently our worship pastor was teaching about waiting.  He explained that waiting in Christ, isn't inactive but active.  That it is drawing our thoughts back to Him and His will for our lives.  After all, He IS the creator and He is the one with the ultimate plan...He has shown us over and over again that He is trustworthy and that His timing is perfect...SO we wait IN Him...not on Him or for Him....IN Him. 

An update on the adoption?  We are happily, joyfully, waiting! :)  we are on day 71 of our wait for the Letter of Approval (LOA) from the Chinese government.  When we get that we will travel approximately 2 months later.  Henry gets cuter every day....we can't wait to hug him.


 In other news... 

Ben is beginning to do really well with his t-shirt company and has started printing t-shirts as well, which has really been wonderful for us! He is seriously so creative and works so hard, we are really proud of him.

Vivienne finished her Junior year strong and is looking to graduate early.  I'm realizing that at this point I just need to get out of her way, she amazes me every day.  

Karla is in the final stretch towards the wedding...which is shaping up to be simply wonderful...I can't wait to see all the Lord has in store for her and James.   

Charles is working extra hard selling motorcycle parts to raise money to bring Henry home...and loving every second of it.  

Mom is cancer free and has been given the ok to stop chemo for a while...this is so amazing, we are praising God! And me?  I got a new the same school I was at before, but working in the front office...a couple more hours a week, (but still only 20), and I am thoroughly enjoying my summer break!

 All in all....God is good all the time.  There is no where I would rather be then directly under His covering, in His will, where the blessings flow:)


  1. SO LOVE hearing an update from your amazing family!!! I know you are SO anxious for LOA and I pray it comes tomorrow!!! Precious photo in the header. Your family is doing so well and love that you got a few extra hours at work. I can't wait to follow you to China to finally hold that sweet boy again!!! We are pretty sure we will send LOI for a two year old little girl tomorrow and we begin our LOA wait. Blessings and love! Shay

  2. Glad your finding joy in the wait, but I know it's HARD!! Praying for news soon and continued happy distractions!

  3. God is truly given you an awesome perspective on waiting. As hard as it is He has shown you to be happy and joyful in the wait! It is truly a blessing that we get to do this!!! We get to have the gift of another beautiful child through adoption!! What an honor and privilege!! So dear friend, I can totally relate to the battle of waiting impatiently or waiting with joy. I hate to admit that I think the impatient part of my flesh prevailed a lot. :o( It is a roller coaster of emotions but God is orchestrating all in His perfect timing. Before you know it Henry will be home. In your arms. Running around the backyard. Making joyful messes. And sitting in time-out! ha ha! (just ask Lily!) Love to you all!