Friday, July 27, 2012

Win an iPad!!

UPDATE 8/24!!!!!  We are on our way!!  We got our Article 5 which is the last official step before our Travel Approval that should come in the next 10 days.  We are so thrilled, excited, nervous, uncontrollably antsy, AND only $3000 short of our goal!  Please consider donating just $10 and get a chance to win that iPad you have wanted for so long:)

Some very wonderful people have donated items to give away for second, third, fourth...etc, places!  Please check them out, if your name is drawn second you will get to choose which of the donated items you want.

We are SO close!!We got I800 approval!!!! Now we are waiting for Article 5 and then final Travel Approval.  As many of you know we expect to travel in September and we are so thrilled to finally bring Henry home!!  We have been so blessed by the generosity of all of our friends and family and truly there will never be any way to repay you.  

With everything moving along quite quickly and now that we have a date to travel, we have come to the realization that we are still short about $4000.  I know it seems like so much but truly if you consider where we started, we are SO close!!  Please consider helping out and get an opportunity to win.

For the month of August we are offering an 
iPad 2 - 16GB!

Heres how it works....$10 per ticket or $40 for 5 tickets....PLUS, if you share this link on your facebook page you will get an additional ticket free!  Just click on the donate button on the right side of your screen and we will notify the winner by email on August 31st.

Additional Donated items for runner ups:

This is truly the cutest thing!  It is a travel bag for your under zips at the top and has a compartment for clean and laundry.  My super talented sister makes them:)  Check out her etsy store: Plum Cozy Cottage

My sister will also donate a percentage of any Memory Quilts ordered in the next two weeks.  These quilts are truly amazing, she takes special clothing, jerseys, etc and turns them into a special keepsake.  Check them out!

This adorable "thirty-one" overnight bag was donated by a dear friend:) It is just big enough to hold all your necessities but not too big that it won't fit into your luggage!  Thank you Chrissy!    You can also visit her website for other super fun choices:  

 I am SO excited! The wonderful Kara from has been such a sweet support to us as this last year.  She donated 25% of the sales of her amazing child sized fedora over the past 6 months and today she donated these two hats to add to our raffle gifts. What a complete blessing...Thank you Kara:)

Kisses from Katie is a story of what God can accomplish through one willing heart.  At 18, Katie moved to Africa to teach the children and has now adopted 13 Ugandan girls.  This is another one that I am going to be sure to buy for my trip to China!  Thank you Willette Family, you are the best!

 I am thrilled thrilled thrilled to have one of these to give away as well.  Made by Jubilee's Jewels you can go to her website and buy one as well...she is amazingly talented and creates the most amazing pieces for fundraisers for families who are adopting.

OR...You may choose one of my custom made quilts...a perfect gift for a loved one or for yourself!   

Word on the street is that there are several more items coming soon so don't fret boys...and come back often to see what there is to win:)
Good Luck!!


  1. Praying for a successful fundraiser...send me a FB request at Traci Rivera and I will share on my page!
    Many blessings,

  2. Awesome!! I'm going to share!! Blessings,Lydia