Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The 1/2 Marathon Adoption

There are people who train very hard to run a marathon.  They are committed in every area of their lives, they spend countless hours running and cross training and sprinting.  They eat food that "fuels their body" and forgo the well deserved snacks at the end of a long day.  Well, I'm not that person:)  I don't have the time to commit and I don't have the focus to endure.  I love to run, most of the time, and I find that if I set a goal, sign up for a race, pay the fee and tell people, I will stick with it.

I ran the Surf City 1/2 Marathon in February of 2009 and I finished, but I didn't finish well.  I trained for it in that I ran each week, I met most of my weekly mile goals but I didn't cross train and I didn't eat to fuel my body.  The week before the race I got sick, the day before I didn't eat well or drink enough fluids and on race morning I drank coffee and ate toast.  I finished, like I said, but I was severely dehydrated and it took me the next 24 hours to feel like I wasn't going to die.  I learned a lot of lessons about myself during those months though and as I get ready to train again I will do things differently.

I liken this to our adoption because I feel like there are those who are truly doing their adoption the marathon way.  They are starting from scratch and it is taking 2 to 3 years.  We skipped a few steps because the Lord matched us with Henry uniquely.  We know where he is and we know who is taking care of him.  We know he is being loved and it makes a huge difference.  I know how blessed we are...I know how difficult and treacherous the endurance part must be on the normal course.  I think the Lord know's how much I can handle, how much stress my body and mind can endure and He chose the 1/2 Marathon Adoption for me.

This time I will train like I know I can finish.  I will choose the fuel that will feed my body and my soul and my mind.  I will surround myself with the people who are supportive and help me to believe that in Him I can do all things.  Yes, I am talking about training to run 13.1 miles but I am also talking about adoption.  I am talking about preparing my home, preparing my family and preparing my heart to start on this journey that I know will be much longer than 13.1 miles.

I thought that since you are here for the ride with the adoption it may make it more interesting if I included the physical training of the 1/2 too.  
So yesterday I started.  I ran 4 miles, well not 4 solid miles but I ran alot.

My goals this week:      13 miles (4 down, 3 wed, 2 fri, 4 sat)
                                   1 hr strength and stretching (thurs)
                                   Eat more vegetables

                         Take photo of household for homestudy
                         Get certified Birth and Marriage certificates
                         Finish 2 quilts:)

That sounds like a full, productive week!
Good thing I don't have to work:)  
I should get started.


  1. What an amazing goal and know you will get it done!!! Yay for you. I used to be a runner just for Scott but now just a walker. :) Cheering for you!!! XO

  2. Man!!!! Sharon always beats me to comment first! :o)
    As you run the course (both of them) He will equip you! Woo hoo! finish the race with perseverance! Hebrews 12:1 I know it's a long course, at least it seems that way right now, but the journey is part of the gift.
    Have you thought about making your half marathon a fundraiser for Henry??? Hmmmmm.....

  3. Thanks girls...You are the best encouragers around:)Lydia...that might be a good idea, I'll look into it.

  4. I will sponsor you if you run for Henry.