Friday, September 16, 2011


So it's finally starting to feel real now.  We received our pre approval to adopt Henry yesterday, amazingly quick, praise the Lord!  So from what I understand we are approved based on how we look on paper.  Now we have to go through classes, a home study, fill out a mountain of paperwork and then we will see if we are approved in person:)  oh, yeah and raise a TON of money!!
But we are so excited to see what the Lord does.  We keep hearing that He does miracles for orphans and we get to take part in it!

So let me officially introduce Henry:
He is 5 years old, will be 6 in January.  He was born with an absent right eye but is really smart, so independent and completely sweet.  I spent time with him when we were in China over the summer and fell in love with him among other children at Shepherd's Field Children's Village but when Charles and I felt the call to adopt his face was the only one I could see:) 
I will write more on the story later but I just wanted to share the news and post some photos...(I have hundreds:)
 I love this one because it is such an interesting photo and because he looks like he's patiently waiting.
THANK YOU for all your support...Its gonna be a long ride but I'm confident it will be exciting!


  1. I am SO happy and excited for you ALL!!! Can't wait to see sweet Henry when we go get Will!!! God is SO good to bless us SO well!!! Praising Him for it all!!! XO

  2. The hard part is waiting. The good part about paperwork is that it keeps you busy and helps time go quickly! What a blessing that you get updates often and know that he is being loved and well taken care of! And boy is he CUTE!