Monday, September 26, 2011

Shepherd's Field

Shepherd's Field Childrens Village is a place of refuge
 After taking a team of young adults there over the summer one explained it like this, 
  • "We see them as children with special needs and we feel sorry for them but they are in the best orphanage in China.  Could it be that it was God's mercy that they were born with special needs so that they would be able to live there and know His love?"  
I agree with her.  There is not one child there that goes unknown, that lives under the radar.  Every one has a face, has a name and is being prayed for.  Every one of them learns about how much God loves them and every one of them deserves to have a "Forever Home".

It is rare to come across such a worthy cause.  This organization is full of people who love the Lord from the founders to the interns.  Most of the people who work there are Chinese and though they are non believers when they are hired, it is not long until they see the Lord's hand and become believers.  To stay there it is undeniable that the Holy Spirit is working and that these people are living each day in faith that He will provide and direct.

So I just wanted to throw it out use this blog as an avenue to promote awareness...if your church does short term missions trips, pray about taking a group.  If you are looking for somewhere to donate money on a monthly basis, this is truly a place where money is not wasted.  If you are looking for somewhere to invest your prayers as a family what better place than an orphanage?  Please pray about about the miracles...browse the faces of the children... 
invest yourself in His kingdom.

Shepherds Field Childrens Village
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  1. Such a precious post and my heart longs to be there and witness first hand God's love @ SF!!! What a blessing you were there to minister and SO hope we can go back sometime and do the same!!! Blessings and love,

  2. So precious!! I want to go! Can I bring Maylie and Lily? :o)

  3. We visited Shepherd's Field three years ago, when we adopted our youngest daughter, Grace. We experienced the presence of God very tangibly there.

    My daughter, Lily (also from China), and I went to an orphanage in India last year. Now, we too, are adopting a little girl from that orphanage.

    God's ways are so good...He is so good!


  4. I can't believe I'm going to live there! God sure does amazing things!