Saturday, October 8, 2011


Don't you just love his sweater vest?
When God called us to adopt there was one hesitation..only one, money.  The cost of an adoption from China is between $20,000 and $25,000 and honestly we don't make that kind of money and have never been very good savers.  There is no way to rationalize what one hears from God.  There is no way to predict how He might work, but in obedience we decided to walk forward.  As far fetched at all this may sound, each time I get weary and start to doubt I am reminded of the verse in Galations 5:22, 23,
  But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentelness, self-control;  against such things there is no law.   
Believe me I realize that Paul is speaking of the fruit of the Spirit and not adoption but He is using this to speak to me about adoption also, "against such things there is no law."  How could it be wrong in any way to provide this child with a family that will care for him and love him and provide all the things that a family can provide?  Caring for those less fortunate than us is a command and therefore if we are obedient, He will bless.   

So far...out of nothing He has provided $4000 so we have started the process of the homestudy, which is where an outside company is hired to thoroughly study your family to assure you are suitable to adopt.  We will do interviews, take classes on adoption and finally they will make a recommendation to the government on what they decide.  This process takes from 1 to 3 months.We are confident that the Lord will provide every dollar that we need but if you feel that after prayer He is leading you to help, following are some fundraisers you might take part in.


Persian BBQ:
A Wonderful man from church is going to host a full Persian BBQ to benefit the Henry fund after church on Sunday, November 6th, so we are going to postpone the tamales until next month.  Please keep checking back for a date, or you can email me with an order.  

Tamales:  UPDATE:
 We will be selling homemade tamales to friends and family and at church in mid November. (date to be announced)
We are offering Chicken or Beef and we can sell them cooked or uncooked with cooking instructions.
They are $10 for 6 or $20 per dozen. 
 If you would like to order some you can email me at 

I have been working on quilts that would be perfect for a new baby, or a Christmas gift for children or for a special friend.
Of course you can buy them from my shop but I am also planning to sell them at a Fall Boutique on October 22nd,where you can shop at other booths for all kinds of Fall and Christmas items.  My sweet niece Lauren will be joining me with her creations as well. 
Rainbow Kids Achievement Center 
30412 Esperanza,
                                   Rancho Santa Margarita, CA 92688-2144

Help for a Widow
Later in the year we will be teaming with an organization called Lifesong for Orphans in their project, Both Hands.  This offers grants for getting a team together and working to help cleanup and do light maintenance work on a widows house.  The cause is wonderful and will bless a widow as well as raise money to bring our Henry home.  Your donation to this organization is also tax deductible and 100% will go towards our adoption.
Further details to come.

1/2 Marathon Fun
And Last but not least I am putting together a team to run in the Surf City Marathon...before you have a heart attack, read on.  We will only be participating in the 1/2 marathon event and you can run or walk.  Here is the scoop...The race is February 5, 2012, along PCH in Huntington Beach and is 13.1 miles.  The original fee to run is $100 but you will only be required to pay $50 to register and then raise at least $50 in donations.  I will provide a letter with all the information about our adoption and where the donations will be going.  You will also get a free "Team Henry" t-shirt.
How fun would it be to have a huge team of your friends to run...or walk for this cause?
More info to come but please email me if you or someone you know might be interested.  For more information on the race course go to

Ordinary Miracles
I am starting a new page on this blog called "Ordinary Miracles" so that I can share with you the wonders of our God.  I have a feeling it isn't going to fall from the sky into our laps, in the form of a check, but that it will come little by little in the ordinary miracles of everyday life.  I really hope that you will join in with us through prayers, awareness or financially...but please do keep tabs on God's provision for this as I am positive it will be miraculous.


  1. We know from experience that God will provide every single penny!!! Blessings and love!

  2. We send our love...keeping each other company until it is time for you to come. So exciting to see all the fun stuff you are doing in order to raise funds. He will definitely provide!!!

  3. Sign me up for a dozen tamales, helping a widow, and the half marathon!

  4. In following along with so many other adoptive families in recent years, I am always SO amazed at how God provides for every single need they have in bringing their children home! Such a sweet confirmation of His heart for the orphan. Excited to see God's hand at work in your adoption as well!! <3

  5. These all sound awesome! Keeping busy fundraising is a good way to help the time go faster. Because I KNOW how hard it is to wait to get our little ones. I definitely will be order tamales! And we'll be at the boutique. God is good!
    I have yet to see a picture of Henry not smiling! That boy has joy!