Saturday, October 15, 2011

Sewing My Heart Out

Here are the new quilts I've been working on.  Each is aprox. 45x50 the perfect size for your favorite little girl or boy.  All are 100% cotton.  All $85.

FREE Customizing options:  
                       Your choice of colors/fabrics
                       Personalization:  name
                                                   favorite scripture

China Girls

 Scrappy Birds

Happy Birds


 Alternative Sizes:
              Med    55x65     $125

              Twin   66x90     $200
Feel free to email me if you would like more photos or have any questions at


  1. I LOVE the China girls one~ could you possibly make another one like it? I would love to have those for the girls' room!?!?!? and then there will be the boys later on. :) XO

  2. Gretchen! These are ADORABLE! Love the prints! God has gifted you and I know He will bless your efforts using these for fundraising for Henry.