Monday, October 3, 2011

A True Jamie Goodbye

          Its only been a year. We met her last summer and she, in the most natural sense became part of our family.  A year ago she was lost, kinda living under the radar, accountable to no one.  In one year, 12 months, the Lord has recharged her, given her direction and set her on a mission.  I have said a million times, that the love God gave me for Jamie is amazing.  Its amazing that He chooses to use us to influence other peoples lives, its amazing that He loves us through other people....If we let Him.  I have said over and over that China ruined us forever, in a good way, and Jamie did the same.  She showed me how much joy God can bring when we open up our lives to those around us, she showed me how incredible it is to be involved in God's plan and not just on the sidelines watching.  She showed me what its like to love others with God's love and be loved in return. 
           A Year ago, after learning what Jamie's job entailed, and realizing all that she was capable of, I asked her, "What do you want to do?"  She said nothing.  I asked her what she would do if she could do anything in the world, she said nothing.  After getting frustrated, I asked her to pray about it, that the Lord would show her what it was that He wanted her to do with her life.  There were no miracles, no writing on the wall.  There were no prophetic words or visions, just a committed daily walk.  She did what she was called to do that day...she went to the bible studies that she had avoided before, she babysat the kids that she had grown to love...she walked in Him and she waited, and then there was China.
          I know I will see Jamie again soon, probably sooner than most because we will be visiting her in China when we adopt, but I don't think I will ever again see the Jamie that I am driving to the airport today.  As she steps out of my car and boards that airplane she is accepting what God has for her life and when you do that you can't stay the same because a life in Him is exciting and challenging and wonderful.  You are ruined a good way.  We are so proud of you Jamie...and yes, I will miss you.               
Whoot Whoot!!

Jamie in the front of the house playing with the kids during her party.
The sweet Willette girls
Jamie with Sweet Shane
The girls who love Jamie:)

Josh Patopoff after his sweet Jamie goodbye.
When Charles started praying for Jamie, all the kids gathered close and started hugging her.

Jamie's dad, Dave, Jamie, Charles and I

I love you Jamie, see you in the spring:) and oh, oh give Henry lots of hugs from me.


  1. I'm crying like a baby now. Thank you so much for this. There are no words to say what you mean to me. I love you and I can't wait to see you again. I'm glad the Lord knew what He was doing when he put us together :)

  2. sweet! SFCV is getting an incredible gift in Jamie!! So excited for her journey and for the joy of her getting to celebrate Henry's Gotcha Day with you in China soon!!! <3

  3. Whew, I'm crying too Jamie! I am in awe of you and SO thankful you are going to love on the precious children and nannies there. God is going big with you and can't wait to watch Him work. Can't wait to get to China. What a sweet post Gretchen!!! LOVE that you took her to the airport and you are so right~ she will never be the same and aren't we all thankful for that in all of us!!! PTL!!! Jamie is right~ God knew what He was doing! Yay!!! LOVE being in His will ~ always the BEST place to be!!! XOXOXO

    PS, Will's package came today and I LOVE it! Can't wait to get it ready for Will Day! and to know I will give it to him with Jamie standing along side @ SF~ WOW~ SO God!!! SO thankful He made us all friends too. Who would have thought me in GA would find you two all the way in CA??? LOL

  4. She does make an impact doesn't she! My girls love her! We all do! She is going to have an amazing year because she serves and amazing God!

  5. I'm a guy and am not supposed to cry, but I am overwhelmed with emotion as my little girl is leaving for China and following God's calling in her life. I will miss her dearly. I love you Jamie much more than I ever show.

    Thank you Gretchen for taking her under your wing this past year, you were an answer to prayers that she would return to seeking God and end her wandering period of life. I never expected her to be going to China but what do I know, God has much more planned for her that I could ever imagine. Thank you again for what you mean to her, the friendship, love, guidance and mentoring you have given her. I need to wipe me eyes now so I will see YOU Wednesday.

    PS-Thanks for taking her to the airport, I don't like crying in public.