Sunday, October 23, 2011


So I've always thought of myself as a very efficient type of person, able to sit down and accomplish what needed to be done.  This homestudy has thrown me for a loop!  First of all it is two stacks of papers, each needed a different thing from a different person at a different location.  Some from friends for referrals, some from teachers, employers, doctors and even the vet.  We need birth certificates and marriage certificates, appraisal documents and loan verifications.  Then there is the two page autobiographies, the photos and the drawings of our home and yard layouts.  To say the least I am overwhelmed with it all and frustrated with myself because as I procrastinate, the piles taunt me and Henry waits patiently.

I  have always known that I was not the patient type but I have this sinking feeling that this might be the season of learning patience.  Pray for us...we will persevere...we will move we wait.

Just a couple of photos of some things that I have made recently....They will also be in my shop if anyone is interested in purchasing them.

Holiday Hostess Full Apron $30

Spring Cooking Full Apron $25

Spring Cooking Half Apron  $20                 

I finished the quilt for Henry as well.  Vivienne cut out this panda about 5 years ago because she wanted a pillow for her bed.  She never finished it so hes just been hanging around my art room for all this time.  When I found him a couple of weeks ago I knew just what to do!  
I call it "While I Wait" because he looks like he is waiting...just like me.

While I Wait   $85

If you are interested in a quilt like this please email me...I would love to make one for you.

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